Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Do You Write?

*WARNING: this post may contain sentimental themes inappropriate for cynics

The simple and probably boring answer would be because I have to. That I can’t help it. And while that’s all good and true… for me, it’s more than that.

I have one sibling. She’s ten. And happens to be every bit as much of a bookworm (read: nerd) as I am. *cheers*

I’ve been staying at my mom’s house for the past week. There are many advantages to this. Free food… not having to cook said free food… clean laundry… and my sister. We started reading a book together last weekend, taking turns chapter by chapter (yes, using strange voices). So far, it’s proved to be a very good book, and has enchanted my sister so far as to inspire her to draw pictures of the main characters, and start writing a new story of her own.

This is why I write.

And maybe why I love writing children's fiction. Adults are better at disguising their inspiration, or talking themselves out of it. But with kids, they get an idea and just go for it. They’re a lot braver in that sense. And so much more willing to try new things. And that’s why I write. To inspire others. Because I still feel that sometimes. And I know there are very few feelings that rival this falling-so-deeply-in-love-with-a-piece-of-art-that-you’re-inspired-to-create-your-own thing. And I hope that some day some kid will feel this after reading one of my books.

Why do you write?


  1. Because I have to!

    I loved this because it's so important being reminded of the youthful enthusiasm young people have - one that isn't tainted by the realities of life. ONe that looks at their future as nothing but promises. So cool you get to see that in your sis! And thanks for sharing so the rest of us could be reminded of it :D

    It's also why I like reading childrens' lit better than adults. I like the themes and issues of adolescence so much better than those in adult lit. And they usually don't leave me feeling depressed about humanity.

    I write because I love stories, I love watching them unfold before my eyes as I discover a world along with my MC. And I love being able to share my world with others. Also, there's nothing more rewarding than creating.

  2. Barbara, so true! Just started work on my new story and I'm remembering how much I LOVE this phase... watching the story unfold!

  3. Great post…
    I write because it’s an addiction, I write to fulfill the life of the characters in my head, and I also write to dream of a better tomorrow… the day I can write for a living; doing what I love to do.

  4. Ah yes... the dreams of tomorrow. I write for that too, Jeff!

  5. This is a great post! And sibblings are the best... I have a sister who is so involved with my work... she seriously devours every single crapy draft I throw at her. She's amazing! So supportive! I think that an itty bitty part of me writes because of her enthusiasm ( :

  6. Yes, siblings are the best! It's always great to have an enthusiastic reader - makes the critiques easier to swallow :-)